To the editor:

Despite all the hard work of nursing home workers in Douglas County and the rest of America, COVID-19 is getting inside nursing homes and killing residents.

Despite all the isolation residents of nursing homes feel as their visitors are restricted, or cut off entirely, COVID-19 is getting inside nursing homes.

This disease is sneaky. The infected may not show many symptoms. A fever may last just a few hours. Symptoms of this deadly virus might be mistaken for something like hay fever. And so the COVID-19 virus gets inside the nursing homes.

Most people will live, but who knows what happens if this new and novel disease infects your body? Can it cause severe harm in the coming years, even mental illness or sterility? There is worrisome growing evidence of both. Meanwhile, all kinds of people walk around with their masks serving only as decorative items for their chins. Clearly, all the slacking and social gathering for one reason or another have allowed COVID-19 to keep spreading.

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But nursing home residents are the most vulnerable and have to be protected. By writing this letter, I feel like I am asking for a napalm strike on the very place where I know my family member is fighting on the front lines, however…

It's painfully obvious that what needs to happen is to not let nursing home staff go to their homes. Staff need to live in motorhomes, or sealed-off rental houses close to their nursing facilities, so they won't get infected and bring infection into their facilities full of vulnerable people. We need to hold this last ditch, this bloody last line, until the Pfizer vaccine arrives.

If we don't take more extreme measures to protect elderly residents, immediately, Minnesota's nursing homes are going to look like a genocide from the pages of history.

John Hoff

(Jefferson Senior High School Class of 1985)

Midwest City, OK