To the editor:

(This letter was written on Nov. 4, 2020.)

I write this while patiently awaiting results from the first presidential election in which I participated. Today and last night, have been nothing short of stress, lack of sleep, and anticipation for many people across the country.

I’ve seen innumerous tweets, mass emails, etc. about Trump advocates who put down Biden followers and vice versa. From calling Trump supporters ugly to claiming Biden supporters don’t hold core Christian values, people are persistent in belittling their neighbor for having a slightly or extremely different opinion than their own. In this type of situation, no one wins.

When did a democratic election have to result in a divided, two-party nation that can’t understand or respect an individual’s opinion that is different than their own?

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This morning I happened to read the story of David and Goliath. I thought of how each candidate could parallel the two biblical characters (e.g.., Biden the David to Trump’s Goliath), but then I began to think of a more suitable comparison.

The story of David and Goliath in today’s society isn’t an analogy of candidates. It’s an anecdote of our country’s ability to come together and overpower the division we have placed between Democrats and Republicans throughout this presidential campaign.

No matter what the end results may be, we all have the ability to rally as a community, state, and country to cease the hatred towards those who contradict our own notions. We can all be the David our country needs.

I encourage you to start conversations that involve various points of view, and I pray we value these moments of growth.

My personal, almost 21-year-old opinion will end with this belief: God is less interested in who you voted for and more concerned with how you treated those who voted differently than yourself.

Kalli Kremer

Wheaton, MN