To the editor:

Do you all realize what we just did with this presidential election?

Did you not hear what the Biden campaign was telling us? They told us they would stop fracking and gradually get rid of most fossil fuels. They told us this would raise our energy bills substantially. This would cost our country many, many good paying jobs, but we didn't listen.

We have finally become energy independent and Biden and company want to destroy that. They also said they would not limit restrictions on abortion but they are so scared to lose a life with COVID-19. You can almost bet that we'll never hear anymore about the Biden family issues that have been documented many times.

Being Catholic myself, I'm ashamed every time Joe Biden brags about being a faithful Catholic and then turns around promoting destroying an unborn baby's life. What a hypocrite! Keep an eye on the people Biden is going to choose to help him with his agenda.

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I'm afraid the horse is out of the barn and we will probably never see another conservative administration if they have their choice.

Jim Korkowski

Alexandria, MN