To the editor:

Citizens of Alexandria,

I wish to discuss my concerns over the issues of council member Todd Jensen’s alleged recent behaviors. Firstly, he has allegedly commented inappropriately to constituents online, (a possible violation of a council member’s agreed to Code of Conduct), but recently when a citizen of this community approached the council with concerns about Jensen’s conduct via email, council member Jensen allegedly shared that email (and the citizen’s email address) with his wife, Peggy Jensen, who hours later allegedly responded to that citizen via a scathing email trying to humiliate him with his past record. In addition to this, council member Jensen’s son, Robert, allegedly made public posts on Facebook with copies of the citizen’s past record, calling the citizen out for speaking against council member Jensen.

Is this the standard the city of Alexandria wants from their council members to act towards anyone who raises concerns about legitimate issues? Council member Jensen should have to answer to this. A city council member is representative of our voice. What happens when we cannot trust that voice?

Kristen Lloyd

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Alexandria MN

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