To the editor:

In 2017 when I was a part of the Alexandria High School Democrats, I tried to meet with our representative. Rep. Franson did not want to meet with us because we were Democrats. Eventually we had a meeting, but she was dismissive, and it was unproductive when we just wanted to voice our opinions as students.

Fast forward a few years and nothing has changed. Rep. Franson continues to have divisive language and does not represent all of 8B. When I met Carol Wenner, I knew she was going to be a great representative for 8B. She is compassionate, dedicated to this community, and will listen to every single person in 8B no matter their political affiliation. Carol Wenner is the opposite of Mary Franson and it is people like Carol who give me hope.

Voting has started and as you consider who you will vote for, here is the deciding factor: Would you rather have a representative who listens and will fight for you or a representative who is a career politician and uses divisive politics? The choice is yours, but I know I’m voting Carol Wenner for 8B and so should you.

Emma Reilly

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Alexandria, MN

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