To the editor:

We are the Divided States of America. Sadly, income inequality divides us. When 1% possess

more wealth than 99% of the population it is difficult to maintain a healthy democracy by the

people and for the people. Extremely wealthy people and corporations use their unlimited

resources to unfairly influence ordinary citizens, economics, politicians, media, and even the

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This enormous income inequality leads to concern about the working poor— the people who

work multiple jobs and struggle to provide food, shelter, and healthcare for their families. I am

worried about people who lose their insurance when they lose employment. How can the

richest country in the world allow any of its children to live in poverty and without healthcare?

How can legislators who are supposed to serve the people accept generous health care

benefits but repeatedly attempt to deny their constituents that same level of care? Is this a

modern feudal system where all the king’s men have privilege and power while the serfs

continue to work tirelessly to contribute to the vast wealth of those in power?

When you vote, choose candidates that will stand up for an economy that is good for all the

people. Vote Biden/Harris.

Linda Capistrant

Alexandria, MN

(A paid political letter)