To the editor:

I read recently that street repair was being finalized for the year. I realize that not all repairs can be done in one year. However, I am baffled at why the large hump in the intersection of South Broadway has not been repaired. It is very bad, especially when going east on 30th and turning right onto South Broadway. It's enough to throw your back out, or possibly lose control for some elderly.

I have also noticed that the caution sticks at the intersection of Kenwood and 3rd extend about half way down the block, with a no left turn sign for west bound traffic. I would think that if the caution sticks were brought to a point at the east side of the intersection, along with the sign, there would be no problem. The rest of the sticks going further east down the block, and the ones to the west side of the island could be used to separate the lanes when northbound traffic on Broadway is turning east onto 3rd and from northbound 29 to east 50th.

Many times I have seen someone hit the brakes halfway around the curve, while looking back to their left to see if they can merge, instead of watching what's in front of them and continuing on until safe to change lanes. I have also seen many stop completely. They don't seem to know what the lines are for, or what they mean. I have seen backups on 29 clear to the 94 exit ramp. Also, they should not be able to stop and hold up traffic, in order to turn left to Twin Blvd, often blocking both lanes and causing blockage across the 29 and 50th intersection.

Doug Thompson

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Alexandria, MN