To the editor:

In the Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) magazine, 2020 October edition, it has put together a factual scorecard on policies from both candidates, Trump and Biden.

Social Security must be preserved. On that subject, Trump supports AMAC’s stance to maintain it while Biden’s position is unknown.

The Second Amendment in the Constitution. Trump supports AMAC’s stance. Biden’s position is unknown. AMAC wants the borders strictly guarded and protected.

The final item, small business. Trump supports AMAC’s stance. Biden opposes AMAC’s stance, in other words, to hell with our labor force, let the illegal immigrants in; they’ll work for less.

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Biden is choosing socialism. Trump, thanks for making America great!

Biden has come back regarding his education by saying he was top in his class, unfortunately was on the bottom. I am of the opinion Joe spent too much time in the bunker!

Politicians will be politicians, not close to one who has been successful in business.

Jon Lane

Alexandria, MN

(A paid political letter)