To the editor:

Hunting in the city limits? Seems a "few warrior hunters" are willing to risk injuring our children, pets, motorists, joggers and bikers for a few of those “honkers!” The same bird protective signs around Alexandria say, "Slow – goose crossing.” What's wrong with this picture? Happy to explain.

In northwest Alexandria, our neighborhood includes a small field and both are in the Alexandria city limits. The field is now surrounded on all sides by homes, businesses, a church and busy County Road 22. Within homes and businesses on the south side, there's a small area still "county land." If hunters stand on that small spot and shoot into the city limits, it doesn't matter to Alexandria's mayor, police, or the county commissioners.

Geese are protected in Alexandria more than people? I’ve been bringing this to the authorities for two years now and no resolution. These self-centered hunters are back, happily blasting away as if there are no other places to find a goose in all of Minnesota. So, I guess we'll just wait for the “accidental” injury or fatality of someone's loved one and the subsequent lawsuits.

Common sense dictates when a city expands, it may require proactive changes for the safety of the residents – but not in Alexandria, and not with these selfish hunters. I'm not against hunting – I was raised in a large family of hunters. I am, however, for safe, courteous hunting over irresponsible, discourteous and selfish hunting. Doing something just because you can doesn't always mean it is the right thing to do. Let's all just sit back and wait for that “accident” so we can commiserate with one another about how sad it is that it could have been avoided.

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Carol Rust

Alexandria, MN