To the editor:

Since announcing his candidacy for mayor of Alexandria, a lot has come to light about Todd Jensen's inability to control his temper. A Facebook page called The Truth About Todd has gathered and put forth a slew of police records showing a variety of occasions where Mr. Jensen allegedly exhibited irrational behavior.

On it, you can see the police records, which are public information, where he has allegedly insulted neighbors and threatened them with legal action, kicked in doors in domestic disputes with his wife, argued with law enforcement, and even called a child's parent and threatened physical violence against the children.

Other firsthand accounts with Jensen have him allegedly shouting at other tenants in the commercial building they share, as well as allegedly harassing and belittling people on social media.

Many residents have called for Mr. Jensen, a current Alexandria city councilman, to be censured for his actions but that has yet to produce any results.

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Alexandria deserves representation that can handle criticism, respect a difference of opinion, and treat its residents with dignity and respect. Todd has repeatedly come up short in all aspects.

Nicole Mace

Alexandria, MN

(A paid political letter)