To the editor:

On Father's Day, my wife surprised me with a unique gift.

She said we're going for a drive and drove me into town. She pulled up and parked next to the Veterans Memorial Park. Both of our fathers have recently passed away and had been in the service. We had felt it would help to heal the pain by honoring them with having their names engraved on the memorial.

I never imagined the profound effect seeing their names there would have. I know they would be slightly embarrassed but also proud to know we wanted them to be recognized. We as a community should also be justifiably proud of (finally) having such a place of honor to recognize the contributions of these men and women.

I do not personally know all of the members of the group that made this happen, but I do know Gabe Pipo. Not only did Gabe serve his country in the military, he served Douglas County in our sheriff's office for many years and he is still giving back after his retirement. Thank you, Gabe, and the rest of the committee and the volunteers who made this happen. Words truly cannot convey the emotions this memorial caused.

Keith Albertsen

Nelson, MN