To the editor:

Brandon Township citizens, take notice: Brandon Township may need to increase its tax levy if the Wolf Creek Road project proceeds! According to township minutes from June 15, 2020: The total cost of the Wolf Creek Road project would be approximately $901,697. “Of this amount, $546,360 would be assessed to the property owners with the township paying the balance of $356,331 through future tax levies.”

With the current economic uncertainty, record unemployment, Brandon/Evansville Schools just projecting a budget deficit, unresolved school funding issues, should Brandon Township increase its tax levy for a paving project?

Say NO to the Wolf Creek paving project! Contact the Brandon Township Office, 9630 Walleye Rd NW, Brandon, MN 56315, email: mcleary@, participate in a special meeting: 7 p.m., Monday, June 29 at the Township Garage at 106 Mallard Ln, Brandon, MN.

Mary Roers

Garfield, MN (Brandon Township)