To the editor:

I read Mr. Chad Larson's letter with both agreement and disagreement. First and foremost, the death of Mr. Floyd was tragic and unnecessary, nobody regardless of political affiliation, disagrees with that. Regarding the defunding of police, not only is that unacceptable, it's not an option! But only liberal Democrats are calling for such action.

I do take offense to Mr. Larson's stance on his comment of "lack of federal leadership." The President and his administration, including U.S. Attorney General Barr, have done an excellent job considering the situation. The real lack of leadership is at the state level. Our own Gov. Waltz bias and hypocrisy is wide open for view. Hundreds of people are allowed to attend a funeral or protest on the streets in Minneapolis, but no one else in Minnesota can have a funeral including Douglas County where folks cannot even attend church!

We can evaluate our own risk; we don't need a dictator governor to order our lives. Speaking of lack of leadership; the Douglas County Attorney and staff should consider the phrase pot meet kettle. Our county attorney and staff are masters of prosecution overreach, over charge the misdemeanors to gain plea agreements while meth dealers who cause an overdose death hide the victim in a corn field for weeks and get little prison time! I guess we defined leadership by Mr. Larson's view.

Ken Barros

Alexandria, MN