To the editor:

It’s really such a simple request. We’ve been asked to wear masks to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Along with social distancing and washing our hands, it’s an easy thing to do to help out others.

Some say it invades their personal freedom. Do they mean like businesses who force you to wear shirts and shoes? Some say we’re fools who have believed the media driven hysteria about this virus. Do they mean we shouldn’t listen to the world’s leading doctors and scientists? Some say we’re being controlled; that one I just don’t get. What harm can it do to give it a try?

We are so fortunate in the Alexandria area to have had thousands of masks made. Just ask if you need one. I want us to be as safe as possible during this time. I’m wearing a mask for you. Will you return the favor?

Bonnie Schnell

Alexandria, MN