To the editor:

Lately, I find myself doing a lot of walking. One morning, I found myself looking down and I noticed a line of ants heading to what destination, I do not know. I thought to myself, in this big world I am just like the ants heading to my destination. On my walks, I greet people, either driving or walking, like me, and wish them a safe journey to their destination. We are like the ants, trying to get to our specific destinations.

After reaching my destination (home), I remember getting interested in a show years ago about insects and one of the segments happened to be about, of all things, ants. It started by showing a lot of scattered ants. Then one ant started herding a few together. Soon they were moving in a straight line, and it didn’t take long for all of the other ants to fall in line heading for some unknown destination. One of the commentators mused what type of communication was used to accomplish this.

The camera crew continued following them and then scanned ahead as the line was slowing somewhat. The lead ant had stopped in front of a stone which apparently was an impediment to getting to their destination. Soon the lead ant skirted around it and then continued on. As the following ants came to this spot, they all did as the lead ant had. Soon the long line was reformed and marching forwards shoulder to shoulder so to speak, to arrive at their destination as one.

Maybe at this time we all could learn something from one of the tiniest creatures.

If as a unit we could agree on our destination and how to get there, we can overcome this impediment which is now in all of our lives.

James Patrick

Alexandria, MN