To the editor:

We were delighted to read that Alexandria will be building pickleball courts. As members of a robust tennis community, we urge the city to build courts that support both tennis and pickleball.

City Park tennis courts are both popular and favored by tennis players. In addition to being a lovely setting with shade, these courts are the only public courts in the area. Several regular groups of both tennis and pickleball players play there throughout the summer and it is common to meet tourists and visitors there as well.

Both tennis and pickleball courts exist at the Discovery Middle School and Alexandria Area High School, but students, teams, lessons and tournaments (for reason) get priority, so access to the public is limited. In addition, the courts at DMS are in bad condition and require hiking a hill. We have made several calls to parks and rec director to express the need for court improvements.

We applaud the efforts by fellow racket enthusiasts to petition the city, yet we question this as the basis for the current decision and urge an open process for input into decisions for our city.

Alexandria needs both tennis and pickleball courts for residents, visitors and tourists.

Amy Sunderland

Dee Novotny

Alexandria, MN