To the editor:

In response to "Nursing home outbreak spotlights coronavirus risk in elder care facilities" (an online story that appeared on the Echo Press website), there is obviously so much more that can be done than "hunker down and hope it isn't too bad."

Here is what can be done. The governor of Minnesota should issue an executive order declaring a state of emergency and order every nursing home in the state into preventative self-quarantine.

Now. Today. This minute.

Visitors will have to stand outside to visit from afar. Everybody who works at the nursing home puts on masks, face shields and other protective gear to keep from bringing the virus inside. By doing this, we buy enough time for Gilead Pharmaceuticals or somebody to develop an effective vaccine and we lose as few elderly people as possible.

Please call the governor as I did today and leave him a message to urge these actions. Executive order. State of emergency. Every nursing home goes into preventative self-quarantine IMMEDIATELY. Call his voice mail at 651-201-3400.

Sergeant John Hoff

(Jefferson High School, Alexandria, Class of 1985)

Midwest City, OK