To the editor:

I was recently invited to read a book titled, "Conversation With God.'' Evidently, the author had asked a question, and he got an answer. The "voice" said it was God and he, "the voice," started to talk, so the author wrote down the answers, and ended up publishing a book. What concerns me, is this,"voice," told the writer that hell and Satan don't exist; it's all made up to scare people.

The Bible is the only true word we should be following and believing. But everyone has a right to their own way of thinking. The Bible says so. Romans 1: 18-32. Remember, Satan is a master at deception, and he will use whatever means he can to suck us into believing his lies.

An excellent reference to the true connections with the Divine would be a book by Kenneth E. Hagin titled," The Believers Authority, Legacy Edition." Sophia Institute Press is another source for spiritual guidance. I've just finished reading a book by Fr. Gabriele Amorth on the subject of the Demonic, if you want more confirmation on how Satan operates. It's your soul and Satan wants as many as he can gather. Choose your path wisely; it's destination is eternal.

Wesley Meyer

Carlos, MN