To the Editor

In response to many of the pro-life letters you receive. As a nurse, I worked six of the 10 years spent in Arizona (1972-1982) in the emergency room at Maricopa County Hospital in Phoenix. It was a teaching hospital so we had doctors from all over the world getting their training. As pro-life, there are no more pro-life people than doctors and nurses working together to save lives.

We treated every trauma imaginable; accidents, shootings, stabbings, psychotics, drug overdoses, burns (we had a burn unit) also, a lot of botched back-door abortions (that was before abortions were legal). We also got Arizona state prisoners in chains accompanied by guards. Everyone was treated alike tending to their needs.

After abortion became legal through pro-choice, back-door abortions were shut down. Family planning clinics came into being and through counseling and birth control options, the need for abortions became less. No one wants to see an abortion if there is another option, especially those unable to have children. But, sometimes it is a necessary procedure. The best option is always kindness and compassion rather than being judgmental of others. Pro-choice has saved many lives.

Retired nurse after 40 years,

Joyce Kakac

Alexandria, MN