To the editor:

"Negative balance student lunch accounts is a global issue and one that nobody seems to have an answer for, according to Brandon-Evansville school officials." (Echo Press; November 19, 2019)

Stamping kids' hands; robocalling homes incessantly; hiring collection agencies; threatening to put children in foster care; citing families for neglect; barring kids participation in extracurricular activities; denying graduation; throwing a kid's unpaid meal in the trash; burdening working families making a few dollars over the financial cutoff; having children go hungry; setting up school "Go Fund Me" arrangements; stigmatizing, humiliating, and shaming families and kids — all because of unpaid school lunch debt?

Local, state, and federal officials should get their priorities straight.

Free meals for all public school students! Period.

Joel Levie

Evansville, MN