To the editor:

If we would have done to Obama what the Democrats are doing to Trump, it would have been bullying, (outlawed), harassment, bias, prejudice, racism, terrorism and we would probably been put in jail.

Nancy Pelosi’s “monkey see, monkey do” followers have been on his case since he got elected. They are the poorest losers and just can’t seem to accept the fact the he beat Clinton fair and square. They bitch about everything no matter when, how or why it’s done.

So far, none of them have come up with any good solutions to anything. If they want to do impeachment, they should use their own money, not waste millions of taxpayer dollars.

They haven’t found anything there so now they come up with so-called “whistleblowers” who most likely don’t exist because they want to hide their identity in something that doesn’t exist.

Jane Pflugradt

Garfield, MN