The Echo Press would like to remind readers that our paid political letter policy is now in place for letters that endorse either a yes or a no vote on Nov. 5 school referendums in Alexandria and Brandon-Evansville. Those letters will be charged 10-cents per word and the maximum length is 200 words. We implemented this policy decades ago because we received so many letters around election time, there was not enough space to print all of them. Other options – drawing letters at random or trying to select which letter was more worthy of printing than others – fell short of solving the problem.

As is the case with regular letters, writers are limited to one letter per 30 days. Letters must include a name and address. A telephone number is also recommended. No more than five names can be attached to a letter.

The last batch of referendum-related letters will be printed in the Wednesday, Oct. 30 issue and must be received before 10 a.m. on Monday, Oct. 28.