To the editor:

When the Brandon and Evansville Schools consolidated, I was hoping and praying that Evansville would be treated fairly. Sadly, that has not been the case.

First, the high school and the lower grades were taken away and then football. There is not one concert, play, program or graduation ceremony in Evansville. Now you want to take away what is left and give us the tax bill which will mortally wound Evansville.

How would the good people of Brandon feel if this were happening to them? I don't mind paying higher taxes if things are fair. Buildings do not educate children and the students of Brandon and Evansville have gotten a superior education thus far. Small towns have been suffering decline and I am pulling for both Brandon and Evansville.

Option A includes two schools, one in Brandon, PK-5, and one in Evansville, 6-12. This option includes both communities. The other options exclude one community. With Option A, the students and school will still be eligible to apply for grants from the Evansville Historical Foundation. The Evansville Historical Foundation has granted almost $250,000 to Brandon and Evansville students.

I have been in contact with Rep. Jeff Backer and his staff is now gathering information concerning sparsity funding. I'm sure the City of Evansville will work with the district concerning the city-owned portion of the school if Option A is chosen by the school board.

Which option has the best chance of passing? One that includes both communities, or one that excludes one community and just sends them a tax bill? Let's give both communities a chance to thrive! This includes Millerville, too!

Virginia (Ginny) Nelson

Evansville, MN