To the editor:

Linda Capistrant, your letter of Aug. 2, 2019 has made my case! It is an attack on any divergent opinion to yours and that of the LGBTQ community. You say nothing to rebut the points I brought out, which are only the tip of the iceberg which is documentable of what will occur if the Equality Act is to become law. Even without the act we have seen, as pointed out by my examples, a great effort to suppress, demonize and curtail individual rights where religious and personal beliefs are espoused. We already have the Constitution, which guarantees equal rights to all. The Equality Act is unnecessary and overreaching with respect to LGBTQ and whatever letter that is attached later such as M (minor attracted persons). Heaven forbid!

Your religious beliefs and mine are vastly different. Your Christianity could be described as progressive or modern, aligning itself to today's culture and world views. Whereas, mine is traditional and based on the whole Bible and not on the cherry picking of words from the Bible to substantiate an agenda, as you have done. In your description of Jesus' love, you overlook sin, which he despises and hates, which on judgment day truly repentant sinners will be separated from the unrepentant. Unlike you, I don't suppose what Jesus would do or have said, I use the Bible as my guide as to what is sin and not sin. Hebrews 13:8 "Jesus Christ (the Word) is the same yesterday, today and forever."

Accordingly, God made man and woman and speaks out against homosexuality in numerous passages in the Bible. God made marriage not for convenience, nor was it brought about by culture. It was for specific purposes, none of which includes alternate sexual lifestyles.

Jim Dyrdahl

Garfield, MN