To the editor:

With all the snow we had this past winter, when the snow slid off the steel roof of my house it broke a vent pipe. One evening when I walked into the bedroom, my socks got wet. The roof was leaking because of the broken vent pipe.

I had seen an ad in the Echo Press for a handyman. I called him and the next day he and his girlfriend were at my place to give me a bid. I had some other things I wanted done and the bid came to $1,000. He wanted $500 down for materials which seemed reasonable to me. He had immediately temporarily fixed the vent so it would not leak. I gave him a $500 check and he was to start in a few days. He called me several times to confirm the material to use.

Everything seemed to be going right. He had called me and said he was coming the next day. No show! For the next few days I tried calling him, no answer. Left messages and no call backs.

I had been scammed! Now some things became evident. His calling card only had his name, telephone, which was a 320 area code, and what he did. The proposal was generic and no name or address was on it either.

Through all of our conversations, I never would have thought he was a scam. I have no problem with ad. I am only writing this so it doesn't happen to anyone else. There is a handyman scammer in our area!

Lowell Lenz

Alexandria, MN