To the editor:

For all who are upset about the county purchasing First Lutheran Church take a breath and look on the bright side.

A) Moving forward, the building won't be used on any weekends or national holidays. That's a total of 114 days where it'll be quieter than a church mouse. I had to throw that in.

B) Zero traffic from children being dropped off and then picked up at Community Nursery School. That's less traffic Monday through Friday during the school year.

C) No more Wednesday afternoon Bible school and confirmation classes.

D) No more Wednesday evening worship services.

E) No more Saturday evening worship services.

F) No more three services on Sundays. That's a tremendous amount of traffic the neighborhood won't have to deal with weekly.

G) Virtually no use whatsoever of the space after 5 p.m. every weekday.

If you ask me, that arrangement sounds like quite the deal!

Bryan Stoeck

Parkers Prairie, MN