To the editor:

I read with interest the letter from the well-intentioned citizen from Henning, and his concerns about the gun non-issue in St. Paul ("What will it take to talk about gun safety," Aug. 16 issue).

In it, he failed to cite some poll in which supposedly 90 percent of people in Minnesota want common sense gun control or some crap like that.

Well, number 1: Without knowing how the question was poised in this alleged poll, or even what the question was, it's really impossible to extrapolate anything meaningful from such amorphous drivel.

2. The analogy of safety regulations with cars doesn't apply: Cars aren't enshrined in our Bill of Rights.

3. Perhaps the reason Republicans don't want to talk about it is because they understand that some things are more precious than human life, or our own comfort level. Even more precious than our own children's lives.

My children and I have sat and had frank, deep political-science steeped discussions about guns and firearms. My father was a combat wounded Army Ranger.

Here's what I'm not afraid to say: My loved ones lives are not as precious as living in a free country. Some of us care more about our country's freedom than we do about our own little world. Some of us have already imagined the worst and continue to understand that our own sensibilities are not as dear as our collective liberty. Our own security not so precious as that of our citizenry; our unique aggregate and collective ability to defend and repel a foreign invader, or a domestic menace. Like possibly our own government. Not necessarily this government. There isn't a country in the world that would be harder to take than us.

Our good senator understands this, So do other Independent candidates in the area.

Judd Hoff

Forada, MN