To the editor:

What is going on in the Alexandria schools?

Despite content changes, the fall musical, "Legally Blonde," was still vulgar and offensive several times.

The spring play, "She Kills Monsters," required changes to be approved by representatives of the play's author ("AAHS: Changes approved; spring play opens Friday"; April 9 Echo Press). Given these changes came only a few days before the play's performance, it's doubtless that students in the play, many of whom can't even attend an R-rated movie on their own, were exposed to this content.

A PDF of the script can be found through a web search for "She Kills Monsters FCHS play." I read through it and quickly determined much of the material to be very vulgar and offensive and not something that minor children should be exposed to, particularly without parental knowledge and consent.

And now we recently read about books with vulgar and offensive content being presented to middle school students!

Why is material with such offensive content being selected for minors to be exposed to without parental knowledge and approval? Why aren't these things being reviewed by the district before students see them?

I think it's high time the school district gets a handle on this matter. There are plenty of plays, musicals, books, and events which contain no offensive content. Let's strive to have those selected from now on.

Jason Hubred

Alexandria, MN