To the editor:

What has happened to respect, trust and civility in our government leaders? It's troublesome that some of our government leaders cannot debate issues in good faith for the citizens of America. Instead, if parties or individuals disagree, words like liar and racist are used far too often. Much of that time and energy could be directed at doing something of actual substance for this country.

When you contact your legislator, the greeting is "The Honorable (name)." That greeting should be earned by providing a good example to us and especially our children. Encourage your legislators to pray rather than use gossip and name-calling. Encourage your legislators to get along and work together. No political party or individual has it all right or all wrong. Both sides need to make concessions.

The office of the president should be respected by addressing them as President Trump or President Obama. You may not like the president but why not love them as your neighbor? Throwing hate stones like liar, racist, and bigot will not make this country better.

Jerry Kalinowski

Alexandria, MN