To the editor:

The Republicans have a boogieman problem and its socialism. The right doesn't understand that the left does not want waiting-in-bread-line socialism. We want it so you don't have to win the lottery to afford cancer treatment socialism.

The happiest countries in the world have some type of universal health care. The United States should be happy with low crime and low unemployment, but we're not and we rank 19 on the world's happy list.

Socialism as an economic model is bad, but as a supplement to capitalism good. Fox News and other right wing wing media are saying we are going to end up like Venezuela, which is totally not true. The right will never come to terms on how to fix income inequity or any real economic problem. The biggest lie they have been saying for decades is that poor people are the problem because they take all the money - not corporations that get tax cuts and the middle class has

to subsidize them. Democrats will always fight for the worker, like we did with Social Security, Medicare and unions. Freedom from is the best kind of freedom where you have piece of mind, so you don't feel stressed that you can't afford to go to the doctor or go to college. Pure, unbridled capitalism does not work because there are always going to have to be regulations and safety nets. In the end, the right kind of socialism can save capitalism and revitalize the middle class.

Riley Morgan

Alexandria, MN