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Letter to the Editor: What can children learn from teachers?

To the editor:

"What's a kid going to learn from someone who decides that his or her best option in life is to become a teacher?"

Well, they might learn to be curious, or empathetic, or focused, or passionate about a subject, or how characters in a novel solve problems that might also work for the reader, or how Vietnamese fishers trap fish, or how to write a research paper, or how the Supreme Court makes decisions, or how to play an instrument, or how to play an instrument better, or how to have a civil discussion, or how to have fun while working on a project with others, or how to solve a challenging math problem, or where the countries of Suriname, Togo and Belarus are, or how to sing with 50 other people, or what the inside of a human cell looks like, or how to play a sport, or how to play a sport better, or what it was like to be a Holocaust survivor, or how to create a piece of art, or what people in Thailand eat, or what Native Peoples did with every part of the buffalo — and so much more.

Last week (May 6-10) was Teacher Appreciation Week but it's always a good time to thank a teacher. Better yet, thank several.

Ruthie Schultz

Alexandria, MN