To the editor:

In response to the Aug. 2 commentary, "Is Runestone connected to Altar Rock?"

Questions that come to my mind after reading the commentary by Robert Voyles about the travels of the Scandinavians that may have been involved with the Kensington Runestone, the Viking Altar Rock and the Newport Tower. Was it the same group that carved the KRS as a memorial to their ship mates and then traveled to Sauk Center and worked on the Sauk Lake Stone? And then go out to the East Coast and build the Newport Tower? How did they travel with their portable boats and are these the same boats that they used to come across the big water from Norway? And how long were they in what is now North America to get this accomplished?

Another side to the travels of the 20 that were out fishing when the 10 were killed: Is it possible that some of them might have joined the Mandans, which would answer the question of where the blue eyed blond haired Mandans that the first settlers met that came into the area?

Ralph Gunderson

Kensington, MN