To the editor:

I read with amusement Karen Tolkkinen's recent column (Aug. 9) about her lessons from the current President. In response to her first paragraph about Trump supporters rarely voicing what they like about President Trump, here are a few I’ve heard:

Protect our borders.

Reduce taxes.

Reduce burdensome regulations.

Rework our trade agreements to be fair to all parties and not have the U.S. support the world (aka — Pacific Trade Agreement, NAFTA, China, European trade agreements, etc.).

Protect the unborn.

Protect our first and second amendment rights.

Drain the swamp that is Washington, D.C.

Hold our intelligence agencies accountable.

Work instead of being on vacation all the time.

Say what he means and mean what he says.

And finally, as I read this opinion column, I kept asking myself, "What is the theme here?" Ah, the last sentence says it all. When in doubt you can find answers by "following the money." The main hatred here is that we have a rich guy who got elected President and him giving up his Presidents' salary is no big deal.

Dig deeper and try to understand what that means to our advantage. Yes, here is a guy who is a billionaire. How he got it and where he got it can be debated. But when someone who runs for office pays for his entire primary campaign with his own money, if that person is elected and takes no salary, that person has no strings attached and is not beholden to anyone (unlike Clinton, Bush and Obama). Therefore, that person can do what he or she believes is right and in the best interests of us all. Not in the interest of those who have agendas driven by pursuit of power and ideologies.

Yes, I hear Trump supporters wish he would say things differently, but they are focused on what he does, not how he says it.

DuWayne Paul

Alexandria, MN