To the editor:

Many of us have refrigerators, freezers, pantries and cupboards well-stocked with a wide variety of "essential" foods (in addition to a wonderful assortment of our favorite snacks and special "delicacies.") But not all Douglas County residents enjoy such luxury.

While we hear and read about "going to bed hungry," for most of us it is not part of our reality.

Unfortunately, over 3,000 Douglas County residents live at or below the poverty line. And many, indeed, "go to bed hungry."

Fortunately, we are blessed by the tireless efforts of scores of generous volunteers (who contribute over 200 hours per week) and a dedicated board of directors at the Douglas County Outreach Food Shelf,

Thanks to their wonderful sharing nature and their fervent belief that we are truly "our brothers' and sisters' keepers," hundreds, in fact, thousands are fed. During 2018, the food shelf distributed over 720,000 pounds (that's 360 tons!) of food to the over 250 families (including over 1,000 individuals) who were helped each month.

What makes this possible? The selfless generosity of the financial and "in kind" contributors from throughout Douglas County. And, who are these benevolent souls? They range from the large retail grocery outlets to individual home gardeners and include most the area churches and civic/service organizations, and many, many individuals, all of whom share one characteristic - a kind and loving heart.

The Douglas County Outreach Food Shelf - these folks may not be familiar with Mother Teresa's belief that "not all of us can do great things but we can do small things with great love" - but in their actions they certainly express it!

Roger Schultz

Alexandria, MN