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Letter to the Editor: Blocking Line 3 endangers Minnesotans

To the editor:

After a thorough vetting process and multiple unanimous votes of approval by the Public Utilities Commission, the Line 3 replacement project is a no-brainer. Unfortunately, Democrats seem to think Minnesota is better off increasing train traffic instead of pursuing the safest and most efficient way to move oil across our state.

As a result of not replacing Line 3, there will be a dramatic increase in rail traffic coming into Minnesota from Canada, carrying millions of barrels of oil across the state. Just last month, more than two dozen train cars derailed south of Carlos. If those cars had been carrying crude instead of grain, we would have seen massive amounts of crude oil seeping into our land and water, just because Democrats want to play politics with replacing an aging pipeline.

We've seen what happens when oil trains derail. Lives are lost, the environment is polluted, and public safety is at risk. It is completely unnecessary to take on those risks when the Line 3 replacement project has been vetted over and over again and will address those issues and more.

I am not willing to put the safety of our community at risk. We can and must do better. It's time to replace Line 3 and keep increased rail traffic from endangering the safety of Minnesotans.

State Rep. Mary Franson

Alexandria, MN