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Letter to the Editor: Feeling betrayed by U.S. senators

To the editor:

Our political parties are continuously becoming more separated all the time. Until we all start working together, things are going to continue getting worse.

I keep looking at ideas we can work on together to solve problems, and then we end up with our two U.S. senators willing to let babies die after surviving a botched abortion.

These two senators just told us who they are and what they stand for.

They can spend all the money in the world on their campaigns from now on and it will never change my mind. A human being is a human whether you are 5 minutes old or 98 and for them to tell me that they are going to fight for me when I'm old is a crock. Just check what's happening in the Netherlands about euthanasia and you'll just see where this is leading us.

Please be knowledgeable before you vote in the future. Your life may depend on it.

Jim Korkowski

Alexandria, MN