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Letter to the Editor: Guns OK but meditation is threatening?

To the editor:

After reading the article in Friday's Echo, "No Laughing Buddha: Neighbors clash over meditation center," I am puzzled over the objections over the center opening.

To quote: "While the Laughing Buddha Meditation Centre will work at other facilities in Alexandria with those struggling with addiction and mental illness, she said that she won't bring them out to the center, which is also her home. She is not, she said, going to bring clients out 'who are at-risk and dangerous.'"

And yet, in the same article: "They pointed to Wagner's business plan, which indicates she wants to serve vulnerable populations such as the elderly, disabled, addicted, incarcerated, recently-released prisoners, mentally ill, immigrants, homeless, low-income, children and young families, the spiritual/faith community, military and public safety workers."

There seems to be a serious lack of communication and/or compassion and, apparently, a fair amount of fear. One of the opponents mentioned they lived in a neighborhood that was "torn apart" by a new business but there are no details given. Wasn't there a skeet business there before, on the site of the meditation center? So it's OK to drive to the place with guns in your vehicle but the thought of people meditating is threatening?

Dead-end road indeed!

Randy Hanson

Alexandria, MN