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Who pays the most in property taxes?

To the editor:

Who pays the most (April 10 Echo Press)?

I noticed some interesting comparisons in who pays the most taxes.

Lake Ida shoreline properties had a total tax capacity of $233 million in 2015, the highest of any lake in Douglas County and more than all 15 of the properties the Echo Press listed combined.

I own 160 acres of farmland with a home and pay less than $3,000 in all property taxes combined (county portion is $1,500) annually. That means that Arrowwood alone pays taxes equivalent to 39 square miles of agricultural land with residences, or 78 square miles depending on how it's calculated.

My mother-in-law pays more property taxes on 5 acres with a home on Chippewa Lake than I do on 160 acres.

So who pays the most property taxes to Douglas County?

Shoreline property owners that's who!

Steve Henry

Brandon, MN