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Letter to the Editor: Green New Deal begs for specificity

To the editor:

The Green New Deal Resolution recently adopted in Congress is an important recognition of warnings from virtually all climate scientists that the threat of runaway climate change requires speedy federal action. The GND understandably lacks specificity so supportable first steps must be created to address the threat.

The Fee and Dividend approach of the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act of 2019 (EIDCA) could be that important first step. Studies show that taxing fossil fuels actually stimulates the economy if the fee revenue is returned to the American people as a monthly dividend. Over a 10-year period, a fee of as little as $15 USD per metric ton of Co2 would reduce emissions 33 percent, save 13,000 lives annually, and create roughly 2 million new jobs as Americans spent their estimated over $200 monthly dividend and as business innovation created new ways to get and use clean energy. That's energy innovation!

The United States must signal to the world that we intend to adopt a policy that will require the polluters to pay for the costs their products impose on our health, our ecosystems, our military and the future of all our children. Any country that failed to adopt similar measures would suffer the fury of the free market and U.S. tariffs imposed on imports from countries that failed to follow suit.

The EICDA (titled HR763) is a marvel of smart, cost-effective, easily-implemented policy that is supported by economists, business leaders and courageous elected officials across the political spectrum. Its greatest virtue may be the speed with which it can be implemented as every day the winds of catastrophic climate change close our window of opportunity.

Tell Representative Collin Peterson that you support HR763 as the most important first step. Please call or email him today.

Jeanne Johnson

Minnesota 7th Congressional District

Citizens Climate Education Network

Alexandria, MN