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Letter to the Editor: Senators are complicit 'Baby Killers'

To the editor:

Nothing but shame on you Senators Amy Klobuchar and Tina Smith. No, that's not strong enough. In reality you are complicit "Baby Killers." That's right. Normally that would be hyperbolic but not now.

Once you decided to vote "No" on the "Born-Alive Survivors Protection Act" put forth by Sen. Ben Sasse from Nebraska last Monday, then you literally deserve the title "Baby Killers." That's right Amy and Tina, "Baby Killers." Why? Why not? Since you failed to vote with the majority (yes, since we needed 60 votes to pass but only got 53 out of 100; we had the majority but the bill could not pass) you are complicit in the killing. Every time an abortionist or now an Ob-Gyn doctor delivers a live baby that could easily survive, you have granted permission for them to kill. That's right; kill the baby if the mother decides she doesn't want the child. Eight states and Washington D.C. allow abortion until birth for any reason, so now in those eight states murder is legal. That's right again — you voted to make murder legal.

But since you won't read this letter, let me speak to all the people in Douglas County who voted for you. Up until now, dear friends, you were not complicit in making killing babies legal (unless of course you knew that third trimester abortions were happening under their watch), most likely because you never imagined either of these two could vote for such a thing. But now you will be complicit if you do not turn your backs on these two senators of ours and choose to never again vote for them in the future. If you do, then you too deserve the title of complicit "Baby Killers."

Darryl Knappen

Alexandria, MN