To the editor:

Can you, my fellow citizens of the Alexandria lakes area, please stop and explain to our local non-profit pull-tab charity leadership and members, what the term "screwed royally" is by our nine area Republican legislators?

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For I want you folks to know, in fiscal year 2018 "your legislators" and former Gov. Mark Dayton taxed our neighborhood Minnesota charities as a whole, at over a 50 percent income tax rate, which means our pull-tab charities together in Minnesota had net profits in 2018 of over $157 million and paid over $80 million in state income taxes and fees - money that doesn't stay in our neighborhoods for activities we all support. Instead, this lost local $80 million of hard volunteer work went to fatten the state's general fund and make payments on U.S. Bank Stadium bonds.

So when you see our returning Minnesota legislators each weekend of this session, can you please ask them if they have found anytime to unscrew the non-profit charities of Alexandria and the other neighborhoods of Minnesota? Or ask, is your first dedication this session still to the Wilfs and the NFL!

Alan Roebke

Alexandria, MN