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Letter to the Editor: Epilepsy is always newsworthy

To the editor:

I had been extremely excited to once again have the Echo Press wanting to publish an article in regards to Epilepsy Awareness Month. It was with great disappointment that I was told that it was not a relevant story as they had done stories on it before. The editor even stated that it would have less of an impact because they had previously done a story two years ago.

Both my daughter and myself have epilepsy and so do two of my sisters. One in 10 people will suffer a seizure at some point in their lives. It affects the one in 26 people that have epilepsy. And for some there is no explanation as to why it happens. But if it is proof that those of us that do are able to maintain a life and manage their epilepsy care.

I'm extremely disappointed that the Echo Press has taken this stance. I was told maybe next year it might be newsworthy. But for me who has been battling epilepsy for 17 years it is always newsworthy.

Chris Poshek

Lowry, MN

Editor's note: The Echo Press understands that epilepsy is an important issue. We do not consider it irrelevant or not newsworthy. That's why we've done so many stories about it, including several on the Poshek family, and we will continue to publish epilepsy stories in the future.