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Letter to the Editor: People in Alexandria are decent, incredible

To the editor:

The recent letter, "Speak up to end racism and hate" (Nov. 7) really floored me. It's

amazing to me how casually people accuse their neighbors of racism and hate

without the least bit of foundation. I've been here 23 years as a cabin owner

and now a full-time resident. And in all that time, the best word that

describes the people of this area is decency.

The way people here rally around their neighbors in need is truly incredible.

The way people here honor those of who have served their country is also

truly incredible. When I joined thousands of people a decade or so ago to

line Broadway to honor the returning Iraq war veterans, I knew this was a

place I wanted to live. When I saw the heroism of Earl Melchert last year and

how everyone pitched in to find the missing girl, I knew this was a place I

was glad to now call my home.

To characterize the people of the Alexandria area as a bunch of hateful

racists is despicable. The sign on Big Ole says this is the birthplace of

America. From where I sit, this is the heart and soul of everything that is

great about America.

Michael J. Dempsey

Alexandria, MN