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Letter to the Editor: Be kind toward our president

To the editor:

There have been a couple letters in my local newspaper about the Be Kind group that has formed and later about their meetings scheduled. While that is a wonderful idea, for we certainly need kindness in this world, I must point out that, in my opinion, there is no area where everyone would need more kindness than toward President Trump but I do not see that happening at all!

Why isn't that promoted and what happened to praying for our president? No matter what he does and accomplishes, he is continually criticized and lied about, both on the TV news and late night shows, etc. His accomplishments have been enormous and too many to list but just to name a few — recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital, opening the American Embassy in Jerusalem, enacted a huge tax cut, consumer confidence is at an 18-year-high, he is rebuilding our military, the economy is growing great and has created more than 3,700,000 new jobs, food stamp use has plunged to an eight-year low, has allowed America's generals to decide how to destroy ISIS, and on and on.

But very important, he has denied Planned Parenthood access to funds used to conduct abortions. How much longer can God tolerate sinful acts? God has promised that if we turn from our sinful ways, he will forgive our sins and heal our land. Is that happening when abortions have reached over 60 million? I cannot stress it enough — Be Kind to our great president and to Judge Brett Kavanaugh and to all who are working to save the lives of defenseless babies!

Inga Mae B. Urke

Starbuck, MN