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Letter to the Editor: Speak up to end racism and hate

To the editor:

Racism, sexism, heterosexism, and other manifestations of hate damage all of

us. Even if these horrific acts are not directed towards us as individuals,

they harm those who share our journey, and they harm our community.

We are directly and indirectly impacted by hate's presence here. We must speak up

to become aware and stop this detrimental presence. We must commit to ridding

our community of these destructive acts and practices. When we are silent

about the hate we see, we are not working towards creating a healthy and

diverse community.

We thank Mr. Pittman (Oct. 17 letter to the editor, "Racism is happening in Alexandria") for speaking up and sharing his experience. He addressed this serious problem with honesty, bravery and concern. We should hear his words as an opportunity to change. Our community needs to work — actively work — to be more inclusive.

We must educate our community about these manifestations of hate. We must address the racism, sexism, and heterosexism that exist here. Until we actively seek to address

these issues, they will not go away. We, in Inclusion Network, know now is the time individuals must working together as an organized whole, in groups, communities, and organizations to be the change our society demands.

We need to hear and respond to these conflicts. We need to see, address, and work to

solve the hurt that members of our community are experiencing. We cannot work

alone in this endeavor. Each of us, as members of this community, must

actively seek change. We must speak up and act to become a more inclusive


Debra LeDoux, Shari Maloney, Marcie L Wagner, Preeti Yonjon, Anne Clark

on behalf of the Inclusion Network —

Alexandria, MN