To the editor:

Your editorial of June 22 entirely misses the point about "fake news," as the term is often used by President Trump. This is not about the silly Internet chicanery you cite in your editorial. That kind of thing is easily and invariably dismissed for what it is.

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The greater problem is media bias and it's absolutely palpable. It's about opinion disguising itself as news, not from rogue websites on the Internet, but from CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, the New York Times and the Washington Post. Watching a network news program at 5:30 has become laughable. Every night it's an anti-Trump feeding frenzy with nothing to feed on but speculation regarding the so-called Russian collusion and outright lies, distortions and deliberate omissions, as in this most recent story of children being "ripped from their mothers' arms" at the border.

The American public is getting tired of this daily stream of liberal orthodoxy and Trump-bashing. It's time for the media to start giving us facts, not their opinions, and to tell the whole story, not just what fits their political agenda.

Michael Dempsey

Ida Township