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LETTER: Medical insurance gone amuck

To the editor:

Recently a friend of mine had to go into the emergency room for care and was there for a couple of hours and this week received the bill of which she owes $4,000 (her deductible).

Needless to say her family doesn't have that kind of money sitting around so will have to work out some type of payment schedule to pay it off.

Since ObamaCare became law, our medical insurance system has been in shambles. Is it the fault of the law, the insurance companies or the providers, God only knows and he isn't telling. In 2010, I worked for a local company that had Blue Cross and it was your normal 80/20 policy, costing the company about $1,100/month and it cost me $140 a month with a deductible of $250. I retired in 2013 and that same policy cost me $180 a month with a deductible of $500. Today that policy cost $250 with a $1,000 deductible.

Prior to ObamaCare, the insurance companies would prorate the deductible, (example — $100 doctor bill you would pay $20 towards deductible), but today people have to pay the entire deductible before the insurance company pays a dime. Small businesses and self-employed people really get hit hard because most can't afford the gold policies with lower deductible.

I feel that insurance is like a safety net to help people in an emergency, but sadly medical insurance has become unaffordable. Our politicians did such a great job of taking care of the 10 percent that didn't have medical insurance and ruining it for the other 90 percent. God help us if they try to fix our homeowners and auto insurance that's not broke.

Rod Johnson

Alexandria, MN