To the editor:

Before 1945, Lake Winona was fairly clear. In 1977 when ALASD's plant started discharging into Lake Winona, water quality problems were already obvious. By 1984, Lake Winona was "hypereutrophic" due to "triggering factors" that "include the addition of excess nutrients from wastewater and runoff sources."

In 2004, carp entered Lake Winona, Agnes and Henry for the first time.

The Lake Winona cleanup plan says, "Long-term reductions will be required from all phosphorus loading sources in addition to carp control and possibly whole lake drawdown." Pollution due to stormwater runoff from the city of Alexandria and LaGrand Township needs to be reduced by 75 percent. ALASD needs to reduce their pollution discharge by 20 percent. THEN our community could consider carp control.

Advocating that our community ignore the continuing increases in pollution from stormwater runoff puts all of our communities' lakes at risk, especially Lake Burgen, Geneva, Victoria and Le Homme Dieu. Ignoring pollution, plans and risks is not a "model" for the rest of the state of Minnesota. With many of our clean lakes at "highest" risk of "significant decline," why waste money on Lake Winona?

Steve Henry

Brandon, MN