To the editor:

So, you make a splendid potato salad for the summer picnic, but now what do you do with the peelings? Most people have three choices:

1) Wash them down the garbage disposal into the sewer system. Bad choice.

2) Place them in the garbage to be burned in the incinerator. Poor choice.

3) Place them in a compostable bag and have it recycled into topsoil. Best choice.

Our sewer system uses expensive chemicals; ferric sulfate, chlorine, sodium bisulfate and polymers to remove 99 percent of phosphorus. The other 1 percent still goes into our lakes.

The incinerator uses gas to dry out the peelings, then burns them, creating more CO2 and disposing of the ashes in a permanent landfill.

Composting, with a little effort on your part, returns the nutrients into topsoil. You can still get a starter kit at the Pope/Douglas Waste facility for free. You can compost table scraps, meat and meat bones, egg shells, watermelon rinds, sweet corn cobs and husks, coffee grounds and filters, popsicle sticks and anything organic. About 35 percent of the weight of your garbage is “wet” and would qualify for composting.

There are drop off points around the county that we all drive by. We need more topsoil. Please do your part. Make the best choice.

Glenn VanAmber

Alexandria MN