To the editor:

If you know me, my love of Fleetwood Mac has been more than established. I grew up with a mother who listened to a lot of music and some of those songs included hits such as, "Don't Stop," "Rhiannon," "Gypsy," "Little Lies," among others. A lot of what she loved and still loves, has rubbed off on me. Thanks, mom.

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My family, peers and team members at work tease me over my great love of Fleetwood Mac. Of course, I do love the music, but more importantly, the words they sing mean something to me. There is not one song written by Stevie Nicks, Christine McVie, Lindsey Buckingham (and a few others) that wasn't written based on life experiences.

"Don't Stop" was written by Christine McVie for her then-husband John McVie, who suffered from alcoholism. Stevie wrote "Sara" in part over her aborted child." She also sings "Landslide" in a nod to her relationship with Buckingham. In turn, "Go Your Own Way" is his way of telling Nicks to get lost, after they broke up. One of the signature songs that they are all a part of is, "The Chain" - "I can still hear you saying, you would never break the chain."

While they loved and soared, all of them fell victim to cocaine and alcohol. Christine, Stevie, and Lindsey all left Fleetwood Mac at different times; McVie was gone for 16 years! But over time all five rejoined and they have weathered personal storms in their lives.

This 27-year-old was beyond blessed to see Stevie Nicks at the State Fair last week, and he'll be in the third row in October, in Minneapolis, to see Christine McVie and Lindsey Buckingham.

They represent traits all of us should strive for: love, resilience, friendship, and a sense of a bond that will never break.

Steve Hensley

Alexandria, MN